Bed Bugs Invade Mansfield Library

Don’t the let the name fool you, bed bugs a not just found exclusively between the sheets – they are happy to make themselves at home just about anywhere. As the number of reported bed bug infestations continues to rise in the US, the range of locations infested also continues to diversify. Pests like these don’t discriminate; any place that sees a lot of human traffic is the perfect destination for bed bugs.

Active primarily at night, bed bugs are experts at keeping out of sight during the daylight hours. In order to stay hidden during the daytime, these critters will burrow into any cozy crevice they can find to keep them safe until sundown. As an Ohio library has now learned, book bindings make the perfect hiding place.

It was recently reported that the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library in Ohio is taking measures to battle their ongoing bed bug problem. After a sneaky bug entered the facility hidden in a returned library book back in November, there have been recurring sightings amongst the shelves.

Although library officials took measures to “quarantine” the infested book by wrapping it in plastic back in November and even exposed it to high heat, that did not prevent the bed bugs from making the Ohio library their home.

An infestation at a public facility could have serious implications for the community; as books are transported from the library to local homes and schools, it is extremely likely that the bed bugs will spread. Luckily, the bed bugs at the Mansfield Library were very few in number, and with the help of their local exterminator, the Mansfield Library is not well on its way to being bed bug-free!

They only things swarming this Ohio library now are eager book worms!