Heat Remediation: How it Works

California’s Environmentally Conscious History

Environmental responsibility has long been a priority for Californians. On the west coast, we take environmental protection very seriously, and for more than a century, the California EPA has proudly paved the way for environmentalism in the United States.

Over one hundred years ago, California passed the Insecticide and Fungicide Act of 1911, requiring all new pesticides to be registered with the University of California before hitting the market. Here at Bed Bug Solutions, we are proud to uphold our state’s philosophies when serving Southern California.

Heat Remediation Treatment/

Together with our parent company, Stafford Environmental Services, we are proud to be innovators in the eco-friendly field of Integrated Pest Control Management. In order to ensure an effective solution for each individual case, we offer a range of bed bug treatment options, including the safe and effective process of heat eradication.

Heat treatment has a winning record against bed bugs. As the most effective extermination method, heat remediation eliminates bed bugs at every stage in their life cycle without harming the environment with caustic pesticides.

By using a sustained temperature of 113ºF, Bed Bug Solutions heat treatment is sure to kill adult bed bugs as well as eggs, larvae, and nymphs. While adults and nymphs will die after just a few minutes of heat exposure, it takes much longer to eradicate bed bug eggs. To ensure all bed bugs are fully eliminated and reduce the chance of reinfestation, our exterminators expose every inch of the affected areas to high temperatures for several consecutive hours.

Some chemical pesticides carry not only a greater environmental risk than heat treatment, but may also be harmful your health. Bedding and furniture often must be replaced after exposure to certain chemical bed bug treatments to avoid human exposure.

In the interest of your own health and safety, as well as the health of the environment, consider our effective heat remediation treatment as a solution your bed bug problem today!

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