Common Bed Bug Hot Spots

According to members of a recent Joint Bed Bug Task Force, “the bed bug epidemic has mushroomed out of control” in the United States. The Ohio task force held an emergency meeting to address the state’s alarming rate of bed bug infestations following the release of Orkin’s List of Top Bed Bug Cities. But the problem is not just in Ohio; the top spots for bed bugs cover nearly all 50 states, a reality that will make any American uneasy.

With this vast expanse of infested locations along with several California cities making the list again this year, it’s likely that you’ll be passing through some bed bug hot spots this year. The first step to avoiding picking up bed bugs is to know where they are likely to be hanging out.

When visiting these local spots, be sure to be on high alert for bed bugs:

Second Hand Shops

Buying pre-owned furniture and clothing might be thrifty, but it can also be risky. When it comes to things that once belonged in someone else’s home, there’s a chance that they have been exposed to bed bugs. Even just one infested item at a thrift store, yard sale, or consignment shop could cause the whole store to be crawling with bed bugs.

Movie Theaters

When the lights go down in a crowded cinema, that makes for perfect feeding conditions for bed bugs. These nocturnal pests get everything they need for a feast in a movie theater: lots of human hosts, and darkness.

Colleges, Schools, and Daycares

While college dormitories are a well-known hideout for bed bugs, gradeschoolers may also be at risk. Storing jackets on shared coat racks and cubbies and sitting in close quarters on the classroom carpet create ideal conditions for bed bugs to spread.

While it is not necessary to avoid these locations altogether for fear of bed bugs, it does help to thoroughly check yourself and your belongings for bed bugs when visiting these places.

If you suspect you have been exposed to bed bugs, contact Bed Bug Solutions – if you’ve got bed bugs, our team of canines will be sure to sniff ‘em out!