Bed Bugs Bite in Alaska

After countless news reports and the recent release of Orkin’s top 50 bed bug cities of 2014, it’s well known at this point that these critters have a tight grip on just about every corner of the continental United States. Thanks to these blood-thirsty stowaways, Alaska is even crawling with bed bugs these days.

Though it would seem like the far reaches of the northern US might be spared from these hungry critters, recent reports beg to differ. Despite the cold climate of the Alaskan tundra, bed bugs have made themselves good and cozy in the homes and businesses of Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau.

After arriving in the luggage of tourists and travelers six years ago, bed bugs made themselves at home in hotel rooms and local homes. Since the first bed bugs sighting years ago, the pests have become an ongoing problem in Alaska.

Just like the rest of the US, Alaska has seen a sharp increase in bed bug infestations in recent months. Exterminators are now responding to multiple reports of bed bugs per week versus what used to be closer to one or two per month.

“It breaks my heart,” local exterminator Ken Perry said of the situation in Fairbanks. “I’m getting so many calls from the Bush. People visit Anchorage, stay in a cheaper hotel and bring bed bugs back to the village.”

In the far northern latitudes of Alaska, bitter temperatures threaten to eradicate any living creature that is not accustomed to the climate. Bed bugs, however, are a different story. These are a resilient pest, able to survive up to a year without food and withstand sub-freezing temperatures of northern locations like Alaska.

No matter where you travel, bed bugs could be lurking. Be sure to practice bed bug prevention when packing and unpacking for your next trip. If you suspect you have come in contact with bloodsucking bed bugs, call the professionals at Bed Bug Solutions right away!

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