Mother Discovers Cockroach In Daughters Chocolate | Orange County Pest Control

Ruckshana Choudhury said she was horrified after finding “disgusting and shocking’ cockroach legs and matching cockroach in her 12 year old daughters package of Aldi chocolate buttons.


Choudhury had purchased the chocolate from the Gorton store as a treat for her daughter only to realize what a trick it really was to be.

Choudhury provides a horrifying account of the ordeal as follows; “We had done our shopping as normal and bought four small bags of the chocolates. Three packets had gone and they were all fine then my daughter had the fourth. She complained that they tasted odd. She took out a black one and threw it on the floor. Then we realised it was actually a cockroach. We could not believe it. I then opened the packet fully to have a look inside and the legs were crushed and marinated onto every single piece of chocolate. So that is what we were tasting.”

According to the Aldi company customer service representative that responded to Choudbury’s complaint call, the mother was to bring the tainted bag of cockroach chocolate to the nearest store supplying the Aldi candy and she would be taken care of.

However according to Choudhury “The staff just took them off me and said they would sort it out. There was no apology or anything. They didn’t even offer to refund me. I have called four times to check what has happened and now I am being told the store doesn’t have any record of the cockroach. I am absolutely disgusted – not only by the contents of the packet but the way it has been dealt with by the company.”

Hopefully there was only one bag of Aldi cockroach chocolate out in circulation but at any rate the company seems to be dodging responsibility for the cockroach. If you have been dodging cockroaches yourself make sure to contact a pest control professional to help eradicate your pest issues. If located in Southern California contact the general and commercial pest control experts of Orange County at Innovative Pest Solutions!