Famous Hollywood Bar Closed Due To Cockroach Infestation | Los Angeles Pest Control

Located near West Hollywood the Rainbow Bar and Grill has recently failed the health inspection set forth by Los Angeles County Inspectors. Now the famous rocker joint and popular dining establishment of the Sunset strip is forced to shut it’s doors.


According to official reports there had been eight dead and seven live cockroaches found in the area of the cooking station. Some of the harmful attributes that cockroaches host are diseases that are potentially dangerous to humans such as salmonella, food poisoning, streptococcus, and the polio virus.

Cockroaches are often found at restaurants and food places because the vermin prefer warm and humid conditions such as a kitchen. Furthermore cockroaches are attracted to readily available food sources and places with sitting water such as a restaurant or even home kitchen!

Unfortunately the Rainbow Bar has declined to comment to news sources on the issue regarding the cockroach issue. The restaurant has been host to some of the world’s most famous rock and roll celebrities such as Ozzy Osbourne and Motley Crue. The Rainbow Bar opened in 1972 and has been the unofficial home of the numerous heavy metal scenes since then. Now, unfortunately, the restaurant and bar can add roaches to their list of guests.

If you would like to keep cockroaches off of your dinner guest list we suggest contacting a local pest control expert. If locate in Southern California or Los Angeles makes sure to contact the Cockroach and general pest control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!