Couple Sues Previous Homeowner Over Undisclosed Termite Damage | Inland Empire Termite Control

According to reports a couple in Gretna is suing the man who sold them their home claiming that he did not disclose severe structural defects relating to termites before the homes sale.


The plaintiffs Jennifer and Edward Kass filed their suit against defendant Richard Schmitt in the 24th judicial court in August.

According to the plaintiffs on August 29th they purchased the home from defendant Richard Schmitt for a considerable sum; $417,500. Once the Kass family moved into the home they discovered that the property had sustained severe structural damage and defects due to termite damage. As mentioned above the lawsuit comes into play due to the fact that the Kasses claim that Schmitt never disclosed any information regarding termite damage prior to the sale of the home. Furthermore the plaintiffs claim that not only did the defendant know about the termite damage but he purposely made misrepresentations about the property’s condition to facilitate the home’s sale.

The official report accuses the defendant Richard Schmitt of breach of contract. Moreover an unspecified amount in damages is what the Kass family is seeking for their mental anguish, inconvenience, and bad faith and misrepresentation on the defending party.

Unfortunately structural damage on homes and termites are no rare combination and adding in an untrustworthy home seller and you can see what a mess it can make. To avoid any termite related headaches in your future it is highly recommended to contact a termite control expert and schedule annual termite inspections. If located in Southern California or the Inland Empire area contact the termite inspection and control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!

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