Cockroaches Invade Greyhound Bus | San Diego Commercial Pest Control

Passenger Demetrius White and family were merely trying to get from Columbus, Ohio to Detroit, Michigan when cockroaches decided to invade the bus.


It did not take long for White and other passengers to notice the cockroaches on the Greyhound bus stating; “Once we got on the bus, we got to riding, maybe 20 to 25 minutes, the heat came on, the roaches started coming by the driver. There were probably about a hundred roaches on the bus.”.

In order to calm down passengers the bus driver decided to make a pit stop in Delaware, Ohio a suburb about 20 minutes north of Columbus. In Delaware passengers were able to get off the roach infested bus and wait for further instruction at a McDonalds.

Eventually Greyhound made the decision to put the passengers on another bus that did not have cockroaches. However the original bus had to be taken back to Columbus before getting on another bus.

A spokesperson for Greyhound, Lanisha Gibson, had the following to say about the situation; “This particular bus may have gone a long time without being inspected properly because there were quite a few roaches and bugs on that bus. Inspections always take place before drivers operate the coach. Again this is something we’re going have to look a little further into my to find out when exactly this may have occurred. But they’re always inspections that take place.”.

Eventually the cockroach ordeal subsided and the new bus was on route to Detroit with only slight harm done. If you would like to avoid the harm cockroaches can bring make sure to contact a pest control professional. If located in Southern California contact the pest control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!

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