Woman Discovers Bugs In Her Fast Food | Los Angeles Innovative Pest Solutions

The Indianapolis Health Department is now investigating a claim from a woman who allegedly found bugs in her baked potato.


The woman is calling it a fast food nightmare and wants the restaurant to be held accountable.

According to the alleged victim, Reashawn Andrew, she had been eating at the Wendy’s in Castleton a couple times a week for the past six months because of its location close to her work. However on her last visit the usual baked potato she orders came with something a little extra; bugs!

The Wendy’s restaurant did give Andrew’s a refund and a food inspector was brought in only to find no evidence of insect related activity.

The Wendy’s chain owner claims that what Andrew’s perceived to be bugs in the spuds were merly cooked sprouts in the potato, however Andrew disagrees.

“There’s antennas, there’s legs these are bugs. I picked it up to hold it to show it to her and there were two more bugs right next to each other. I’m like I dropped it. I was instantly disgusted,” Andrew recalls the incident.

According to the health department the restaurant does not have a history of pest or bug violations however they have not yet completely dismissed Andrew’s claim.

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