Bed Bug vs. Predator

Bed Bug vs. Predator

Like almost any other creature, bed bugs have their own natural predators to fear. In the “wild” – that is, your home – there are certain animals who will gladly make a meal of your bed bug pests.

A hungry cockroach is just one household critter who hunt and eat bed bugs for your benefit. Their six legs are fast and stealthy, making them the perfect sneaky hunters. Roaches grow to be a few centimeters in length, so you can bet they will gobble up their fair share of bed bugs! If you have ever hosted a cockroach in your home, you know they always bring a crowd! The more cockroaches the merrier when bed bugs are on the menu!

Spiders are another group of happy household hunters who make a meal of bed bugs. What’s not to love about those leggy arachnids? Spiders build those impressive webs in every corner of your home, making for that long-lasting cobweb decor that will impress any house guest! Just ignore their creepy, hairy legs – when you’ve got bed bugs, you can’t have too many spiders!

While we’re talking about multi-legged insects, let’s not forget centipedes! These lovable creepy-crawlers are a formidable home presence – and they’ll be sure to eat other insects, including bed bugs! If you’ve ever hosted a centipede in your home, you already know how fast they are. You mightl never catch a centipede, but they’ll gladly catch your bed bugs for a quick snack.

Leroy the Bug Dog
If you’d rather not invite an array of LARGER pests into your home to solve your bed bug problem (and we recommend that you don’t), call Bed Bug Solutions . Our team’s MVP when it comes to eradicating household bed bugs is Leroy, the bed bug beagle. Leroy has an accuracy rate of nearly 98% when hunting pesky bed bugs. Best of all, when Leroy helps with pests, he’ll never overstay his welcome like some other bed bug predators.

Avoid an army of night crawlers and count on Leroy, from Bed Bug Solutions. He’ll fix your bed bug problem so that roaches, spiders, and centipedes will have to find dinner elsewhere!

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