Bedbugs! A Hitchhikers Guide | California Bedbug Control

We all have heard how pesky bedbugs can be once they have infested your home but how is it that bedbugs got there in the first place?


The frightful answer is that they likely hitched a ride on a human host from another infested site. More times than not the party combating and cursing the little buggers happens to be the one who the bedbugs hitched a ride in on in the first place!

In fact bedbugs are so well traveled that they have been reported in, but not limited to, the following; homes, apartments, condos, hotels, hospitals, schools, office complexes, retail centers, theaters, public transportation.

With all the bedbug horror stories hitting the headlines each week its important to respond to an infestation once one has been discovered or suspected so that you do not end up one of the victims. Also being proactive with prevention methods is necessary as well, most importantly being aware of your surroundings in your own home and places you visit.  What do you think is the best proactive approach to bedbug control?

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