How To Prevent Bedbugs | California Bedbug Control


In a perfect world there would be a foolproof method to preventing bedbug infestation before it occurs, however such is easier said than done. So what are the most efficient steps to prevention?

One might think that maintaining a clean living space would be the answer, however such a belief is counter-intuitive because bedbugs are not attracted to dirt and grime like other pests but are rather attracted to blood. So although maintaining a clean home or space has its merits, as far as prevention of bedbug infestation it is not the answer.

The unfortunate truth is possibly that there is no easy answer to prevention other than simple awareness. Regular checks in dark spaces and under furniture is recommended. As well as conscious awareness of the surroundings you visit when outside the home as many times bedbugs hitch rides on human hosts.

Regardless of your prevention methods one thing is very important once an infestation has occurred and that is to immediately contact your local experts in the field to control and eliminate the pest!

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