Bed Bugs Shut Down ER in VA

Bed Bugs shut down ER in VA

Bed bug infestations are becoming more and more frequent in the United States. With Americans battling bed bugs in public places as well as private residences, it is no surprise that hospitals are also putting up a fight.

In recent east coast news, an emergency room in Richmond, Virginia, was forced to temporarily close due to an infestation of the infamous biting pests.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported last month that it was the ER at St. Mary’s Hospital that had to close its doors for several hours one busy Saturday afternoon thanks to bed bugs in the waiting room.

A patient who reported to the Emergency department with reports of bed bug bite symptoms was apparently carrying the critters on his clothing at the time. After the tiny pests were confirmed to be bed bugs, St. Mary’s officials promptly evacuated the hospital waiting room to the children’s ward and called their local exterminator.

Wasting no time, the team of bed bug eradicators were able to clear the Richmond Hospital’s ER of the little beasts in a few hours time. The Virginia Hospital’s early detection and quick response to bed bug threat to their Emergency Room helped their chances for fast, effective extermination.

Unfortunately for hospitals everywhere, bed bugs don’t discriminate – they’ll feast on human blood anywhere that is convenient for them. Since bed bugs are running rampant in hospitals all across the United States, from east coast to west coast, we need to be just as vigilant here in California they were in Virginia.

If you suspect bed bugs, contact us at Bed Bug Solutions right away. While humans have at best a 30% detection rate for these pests, dogs like Leroy the bed bug beagle can sniff ‘em out 98% of the time so we can get rid of them for good!

When you’re seeing patients in the ER, have no patience for bed bugs!

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