Six Injured In Freak Bee Attack | Southern California Pest Control

Recently a subdivision in Arizona suffered from a massive bee swarm attack, people were literally running and screaming for their lives as the swarm managed to injure six people.


Around dusk at the Rancho El Dorado subdivision the swarm of bees struck a two-block long radius causing hysteria. Once the horror subsided three children and three adults were taken to the hospital for treatment of bee stings.

Miraculously no one was fatally injured however one of the adults did sustain nearly 300 bee stings and somehow managed to survive.

Additionally two firefighters were stung during the rescue however they declined hospital treatment. Moreover the firefighters searched for hours for the source of the bees finally arriving at the hive in an opened water valve box at one of the homes. The hive was then contained by the firefighters to prevent any further injury.

Specifically the attacking be was of the Africanized, or killer bee, variety and are known for being prevalent in the southwest states such as Arizona, Southern California, and New Mexico. It is important to note that Africanized bees can become extremely aggressive if their hive is disrupted and it is recommended that one contacts a pest control professional before attempting any hive removal on one’s own. If located in Southern California contact the bee removal experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!

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