About Leroy’s Scent Detection Certification | California Bed Bug Inspection

If your like me you might be asking yourself what exactly is canine scent detection and what exactly makes a dog qualified to do such a task relating to bed bugs?


Generally speaking canine scent detection is the process in which a trained canine will use their sense of smell to detect something that man is unable to detect on their own. For example canines often aide in the detection of cancers, narcotics, missing people, and much more including bed bugs!

A properly trained canine, such as Leroy, can detect the presence of just a single bed bug. Not only is Leroy such a success for being a handsome and loving companion but he proudly maintains over a 97% accuracy rating for finding and detecting the presence of bed bugs!

Leroy is also a proud certified member of NESDCA otherwise known as the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association. In order to be certified Leroy first had to be trained to meet the highest standards for entomology scent detection required by NESDCA standards.

I know I am quite thankful for Leroy providing San Diego bed bug control, because who else would help you sniff out those pesky bed bugs!?