Over-The-Counter Insecticide Powerless Against Bed bugs | California Bed bug news

According to a study conducted at Ohio State University by entomologists Susan Jones and Joshua Bryant, many over the counter and generic insecticides were found found to be ineffective against bed bugs. Moreover, products known as “bug bombs” and “foggers” which are marketed as cheap alternatives to exterminators were found to be powerless against even the most vulnerable bed bugs!


Specifically the study consisted of testing three popular commercial foggers against five wild strains of bed bugs and one strain of laboratory bed bugs. What was discovered was that after spraying the bugs with a two hour ‘fog’, only the laboratory bed bugs were eliminated.

The scientist conclude that most wild bed bugs are resistant to pyrethroids, which is the active ingredient in fogger aerosols, and additionally that when attempting to control bed bugs the entire fogging process is flawed. Specifically Jones claims that ” The spray can’t penetrate through a thin paper sheet, much less into cracks and crevices where bedbugs hide in real life…”.

Moreover according to University of Kentucky entomologist Kenneth Haynes, much of the academic community does not support the claims of commercial foggers and “…don’t view bedbugs as a do-it-yourself project…”. I don’t know about you, but I know one task I am taking off of my DIY list!

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