Yolo County California Resident Positive For Zika Virus | Los Angeles Pest Control

According to health officials in Yolo County a patient in hospital has tested positive for Zika virus.


Kristin Weivoda, Yolo County emergency medical services administrator stated in a press conference the details of the Zika diagnosis in California; “They came down with some of the signs and symptoms, a fever, a rash, after traveling to one of those countries and decided to seek medical help at that time, and that’s when it was discovered.”

Yolo county officials are keeping a tight lid on certain details however such as whether the patient was male or female, their age, and even where they traveled to.

Providing further information on the Zika virus is Dr. Dean Blumberg, chief of pediatric infectious disease at UC Davis; “These (mosquitoes that carry it) are more tropical mosquitoes, and so they’re in more warm and humid areas.”

Blumberg also warned that the Asian Tiger Mosquito, which can carry the Zika Virus, has been seen in California before especially in the Los Angeles area and in small numbers in the Southern Bay Area. Additionally the Yellow Fever Mosquito which can also carry the virus has been found in California but only in limited numbers.

Blumberg also shared that the most at risk group are woman who are or may become pregnant as he stated that; “There’s a risk it can adversely affect the fetus and the main concern is it can cause microcephaly, small head.”

Additionally Blumberg stated that another way that the virus can spread is through sexual transmission.

Zika virus is nothing to take lightly as California medical officials have so astutely pointed out and if you have any unnecessary pools of water at your home make sure to eliminate them to help reduce the California mosquito population.

If the mosquitoes at your home have become worrisome make sure to contact a pest control expert to help eradicate the issue and reduce risk of Zika virus. If located in California contact the mosquito control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!

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