Southern California Mosquitoes Capable Of Transmitting Zika | California Pest Control

The same type of mosquito responsible for spreading the Zika virus and causes birth defects in Brazil is a familiar pest to Southern California residents.


Both coasts have seen cases of Zika virus with Florida reporting nine cases of travel associated Zika compared to three in California. Despite both Florida and California having potential for harboring Zika virus health officials claim that Florida is at a higher risk due to the heightened humidity in the state.

However experts do warn that California is still at risk of Zika as California chief of vector-borne diseases, Vicki Kramer, states “We do have risk here,…” and continued to explain that risk was “patchy”. Furthermore Kramer stated that “ The more mosquitoes you have in more places the greater the risk,”.

One type mosquito found in California that potentially carries the Zika virus is the Asian Tiger mosquito that are distinguished by the black and white stripes they have. The Asian tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes have both been found in Los Angeles County and can sometimes breed in a container of water as small as a bottle cap.

To best prevent the spread of Zika virus carrying mosquitoes it is important to eliminate any unnecessary pools of water on your property and to stay alert. If you are concerned about the mosquito population at your home or property do not hesitate to contact a pest control professional to help eliminate the potential for Zika virus transmission.

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