West Nile Threat Continues Into Fall Season | California Mosquito Control

Despite the cooler temperatures that come along with the fall season the mosquito populations around the country can flourish well into the fall months. Along with the general annoyance that come along with mosquitoes is the threat of West Nile virus. According to last year’s statistics from the Centers for Disease Control a total of 47 states, along with the District of Columbia, have reported infections of West Nile in people, birds, or mosquitoes. In all there have been 1,444 human cases of West Nile virus reported to the Centers for Disease Control.


Unfortunately those in California has been affected more drastically than most with a total of 487 cases of West Nile virus in humans. This staggering total is the highest in the nation. In all half of California’s 58 counties have reported human cases of West Nile including 14 deaths attributed to the virus.

To help avoid the threat of mosquitoes at your home it is highly recommended to eliminate breeding grounds such as standing and stagnant water. Many common examples where water can build up includes swimming pool covers, birdbaths, flowerpots, debris filled gutters, and more. Homeowners should use these tips to help avoid mosquitoes but if a nest does occur it is most recommended to contact a local expert. In California the best source of Mosquito Control and removal is Innovative Pest Solutions contact today for more information.