Historic Building Tented For Termites | Inland Empire Termite Control

One of Tampa’s most historic buildings, the Plant City building, has unfortunately been tented for termite treatment. According to Shelby Bender, president of the East Hillsborough Historical Society, the building is to remain closed until next Thursday.


The 1914 Plant City High School Community Center building is a three story red brick building that houses the historical society’s Quintilla Geer Bruton Archives Center, the Henry B Plant Railroad Museum and the Pioneer museum.

According to Bender there had been termite activity in the Plant building, which is a century old, but that the infestation was discovered before any serious structural damage could occur. The society had their concerns for the artifacts in the building while treatment occurred however they have nothing to worry about.

In fact according to Bender the society did not have to cover or protect their files and museum pieces because the poison gas will eliminate the termites but it is not harmful to even the most fragile historic pieces.

The last time the building was treated for termites was in 1998 and according to Bender “It was time to do it again.” What first opened as a school in 1914 is now a community center with a slight termite problem, however tenting the building will solve that issue!

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