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Across the nation there have been all types of bed bug reports ranging from the ordinary to the outrageous in the last few years. Everything from bed bugs in beds where you would expect them to bed bugs at the movie theaters. Now bed bugs have found a new hot spot to hang out; Wall Street! Well, at least within the offices of the Walk Street Journal.


Deputy managing editor of the Wall Street Journal Deborah Brewster sent a memo out to the staff notifying everyone that bed bugs were on the loose! Specifically Brewster’s memo stated; “I wanted to let you know that on Friday the facilities department received a report of a bedbug sighting in the video area of the 6th floor. Over the weekend, that and the surrounding areas were checked for bedbugs by our extermination company. The check, which included a sniffer dog, indicated the presence of bedbugs…”

Unfortunately this is not the first time that the Wall Street Journal has had a bed bug scare. This recent incident marks the second time bed bugs have been reported and hopefully it will be the last. The first incident was reported by the Journal themselves in 2010 stating “the Wall Street Journal and the New York headquarters of its parent company, News Corp., underwent bedbug treatment… No bedbugs were ever found, but a bedbug-sniffing dog did signal concerns and the offices were treated.”

It seems that the bed bugs on Wall Street are quite bullish anticipating a rise in their own stock! The best thing to do now is combat the rise of bed bugs in America with proactive pest control, and like the savvy Wall Street businessman a Canine bed bug sniffing dog will help you detect any signs of bed bugs infestation.

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