How To Avoid Pests At Your California BBQ | California Pest Control

Sunny California days can be great for outdoor fun and neighborhood barbeques, however these days can also be high times for pests! The three pests most likely to bug you at your barbeque are mosquitoes, ants, and stinging insects.

Ant Control

The best way to avoid mosquitoes is by wearing mosquito repellant and providing some for your guests if you are worried that mosquitoes might try to crash the party. Additionally make sure that there are no unnecessary pools of standing water near the barbeque area as this is where mosquitoes thrive.

To avoid ants invading your party make sure that all your food is covered up and staged above ground level. Also you can create a barrier around your barbeque with talcum powder. Tailors chalk and baby powder are great resources that contain talc to help defend against ants.

To best avoid stinging insects at your barbeque remember to keep your food covered and to avoid any heavy fragrances that might attract stinging insects. Also you can adjust your wardrobe by staying away from dark and floral printed clothing as these will attract stinging insects.

If you remember these tips and share them with your party guests you might be able to avoid the majority of barbeque pests. However if you have a pest problem beyond your control make sure to contact a California pest control expert.