San Diego Resident Goes Into Shock And Sues From Bedbug Attack| San Diego Bedbug News

Imagine waking up to what should be a relaxing day on vacation only to realize that you
have bedbug bites all over you body!  That is the reality Jennifer Haynes of San Diego
had to deal with on her latest trip to Las Vegas.

According to Haynes she has photo proof showing the rash that developed after her
stay at a the Rio Hotel, and commenting on her stay Haynes had the following to say;
“I’m realizing that I have bites and marks all over my body and it hurts and itches and I
don’t know whats wrong with me.”.

When Haynes confronted hotel management about the issue she was shocked
by their complete denial of a problem. According to Haynes management at the Rio not
only denied the hotel had bedbugs but also refused to allow Haynes to switch rooms
leading Haynes to switch hotels altogether.

Soon thereafter Haynes visited a doctor who diagnosed her with an allergic reaction due
to bed bugs. Then upon returning home to San Diego matters only got worse as Haynes
went into anaphylactic shock, likely due to the severe amount of bedbug bites, and was
rushed to the emergency room.

Haynes is now suing the Rio and is hopeful for an apology in addition to legal restitution.
What would you do if you found bedbugs in your hotel room?