Homeowner Discovers Bed Bugs, Sets Fire To Couch! | California Bed Bug Control

Have you ever been so fed up with a pest problem that you just want to set fire to
them!? I know that I have been close to doing so at least a time or two out of frustration,
but one Florida man actually went through with it and set fire to his bed bug infested

Smoke had been noticed by a local news who rushed to the scene to find the male
homeowner tending to the inflamed couch on the side of the road by his home.
Apparently by this time the man had let the fire burn long enough to his liking as he was
now reportedly was using water in a bucket to put out the flames.

Upon interviewing the man it was discovered that his 61 year old female roommate was
fed up with the bed bugs and the couch and had the following to state regarding the
incident; “She was sleeping on the couch, infested with bed bugs so instead of me
putting the couch out for somebody else to pick up to take to their home, I burnt it up”.
Soon-thereafter Florida fire and rescue arrived on the scene to quickly contain any
remaining flames.  According to the homeowner he did not get into any trouble with the
authorities however he did admit that it was not a good idea to handle the bed bug
infestation on his own.
As tempting as it might be to set fire to those household pests, especially bed bugs, I
think this story taught me that next time I will leave it to my local Southern California
Experts. What about you!?

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