A Different kind of 911 emergency; Bed bugs! | California Bed Bug Control

A 911 dispatch center in Western Pennsylvania reportedly has a bed bug infestation. Allegheny County Emergency Services, Western Pennsylvania’s largest 911 dispatch center, had to come to terms with their own emergency situation when they went public with the announcement that they were infested with bed bugs.


Stating an unfortunate truth, Emergency Services Chief Alvin Henderson believes that many states have seen an increase in bed bugs; and that the bed bug discovery does not implicate that workers are sleeping on the job.  Henderson aptly believes that the bedbugs are being carried into workplaces, such as a 911 dispatch center, from infested homes via a human host.  Henderson also pointed out that bed bugs can potentially hitch a ride not only on a person but their belongings such as clothing, bags, books and more.

Common side effects from bed bug bites can be red itchy bumps along with the anxiety and insomnia that come with combating the pest. Employees of the Emergency Services center have since been given the proper information on how to combat and deal with bed-bug infestations at home.  Also the buildings management has contracted an expert to resolve the bed bug infestation.

So that begs the question who do police call when they have an emergency!? Well in this case they call an expert in the bed bug field. Sure makes me glad to know and trust the experts of Southern California Bed Bug Control.

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