History Of The Bed Bug | California Bed Bug Control

Bedbugs in history can be traced back as far as ancient Egypt, nearly 3,300 years of causing problems for humans. Most historians agree that bedbugs were first brought to the United States by early colonists on boats. In modern times the bedbug is believed to have got its name from their habit of feeding on the blood of humans while they are asleep in bed.


Most of the original bedbug colonies are commonly believed to have been wiped out by the 1950’s due to the continued surge of ┬átechnological advances in the developing world. Specifically, the abundance of newly available pest control products along with the widespread use of vacuums and washing machines are noted as helping control infestations.

There are several factors and theories explaining the resurgence of bedbugs in America in the late 1990’s, most notably; increased international travel, and lack of preventative knowledge. Do you know how to best create awareness and prevention?

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