Cockroaches Close Multiple Restaurants In California | Los Angeles Pest Control

In all a total of five restaurants and two food markets have been temporarily closed recently due to major health hazards. Namely the health hazard of cockroaches and other vermin infestations!


Between October 12th and 18th the restaurants and food outlets in question had their health permits suspended for vermin and cockroach infestations in addition to not having a public health permit. Once a restaurant is closed due to a problem such as cockroaches they are to remained closed until the problems have been fixed per California law. In Los Angeles closures have been known to occur during routine and owner initiated inspections as well from complaint investigations and re-inspections.

The official report from the health department declined to provide details as to the extent of the cockroach infestations, namely the number of cockroaches and where exactly in the facility they were found.

Strangely enough a major health hazard such as a cockroach infestation will cause a restaurant to close but will only cost them four points on their health board scale; meaning that a facility could still maintain a A grade during the time of closure!

Seems pretty lenient to me to allow an A grade to a restaurant with a cockroach problem! What do you think?

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