Africanized Bees Spreading In California | Southern California Bee Removal

According to scientists at the University of California San Diego Africanized bees, which contain both European and African honeybee genes, now live as far north as California’s delta region; the immediate area south of Sacramento. Furthermore the bees located in the southernmost part of the state are generally found to be killer bees and about 65 percent of the honeybees in San Diego contain a mix of European an African genes.


According to Joshua Kohn biology professor at UC San Diego and co-author of the California bee study “The pattern of Africanization we documented in San Diego County and elsewhere in California appears consistent with patterns previously documented in Texas, where Africanized honey bees first appeared in the United States,”

Despite the prominence of Africanized bees throughout the American south, Southwest, Southeast, and on the Western coast the bee’s ability to set up colonies in the North has been limited due to the cold temperatures during the winter season. However Kohn is of the belief that global warming could cause killer bees to push north in the coming years.

Although the warmer season is ending and winter is around the corner those of us in California must still be cautious of Africanized and Killer bees. As previously mentioned bee colonies are limited in areas where there are freezing temperatures and Southern California does not get near cold enough to deter the bee colony so be alert when outdoors. If a bee colony is suspected at your California home contact the Southern California bee removal experts at innovative pest solutions.


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