Bedbug study leads to 180,000 bites | California Bed Bug Control

How would you like to be bitten by more than 1,000 bedbugs each week? What if it was for the name of science?

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Biologist Regine Gries of Simon Fraiser University has done so, and with the assistance of her husband Gerhard, the biology duo has claimed to have figured out how to attract as well as repel the bedbug parasite.

According to the study bed bugs communicate by odor and the researchers have identified the histamine that repels the parasites. Additionally they have discovered five scents that attract bedbugs that can be utilized to draw them into traps.

In order to establish these findings Regine sacrificed her skin and blood for the good of the cause and over the last five years she welcomed a total of about 180,000 bites!

I sure am glad it was not me on the other end of the bite, but as for Regine and Gerhard they believe for science it is all worthwhile. What would it be worth to you?

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