Bed bug Infestation in Los Angeles|California Bed bug Prevention

Would you know what to do if you found a bedbug infestation in your home?

Unfortunately more and more Los Angeles residents are having to ask themselves that same question as the city was ranked the fourth worst in the United States for bedbug infestations. Also included on the list, the greater Bay Area consisting of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose ranking in at 16th worst in the nation.

Needless to say California has a bedbug problem but the good news is assemblyman Adrin Nazarian has some preventative solutions in store.

The obvious issue is getting rid of bedbugs once an infestation has occurred which can be quite costly ranging from just a couple hundred dollars up to the several thousands depending of the severity of the infestation. Namely what is necessary after infestation is cleaning, new mattresses and furniture and complete extermination.

As far as prevention and blame the law is somewhat of a grey area assigning responsibility to both tenant and landlord.  However, Nazarian assures that the recent bill announced will clearly outline the responsibilities of both parties. Specifically, tenants would be prohibited from bringing infested furniture into a unit and are required to notify landlords within seven days of discovering bedbugs. Moreover, the legislation would prohibit landlords from renting infested units as well as requiring a pest control company to be on file in case infestation occurs.

Hopefully the new law will eradicate the grey area of responsibility. Do you think the new bill is enough for your piece of mind?