The World’s 10 Worst Pests

As a leading force in pest control in Southern California, we at Bed Bug Solutions understand that no pest is a good pest. In fact, any time an army of critters infiltrates your home or business, that one in particular usually seems like the absolute worst pest there ever was.

Depending on where you are in the world, there are different standards for determining what makes the worst pest. Despite the exotic and sometimes lethal invasive creatures at large worldwide, bed bugs are still among the top 10 worst pests in the world:

1. Asian Tiger Mosquito – No one is wondering why a species of mosquito tops this list, especially one that simultaneously spreads disease while succeeding in taking over the world.

2. Kudzu – When Kudzu comes to town, it always overstays its welcome. This pesky vine will bulldoze any plant in its way until it completely takes over.
3. Longhorned Beetle – When it comes to trees, these guys are ravenous. The only way to eradicate an infestation is to cut down and destroy all affected trees.

4. Snakehead Fish – This invasive freshwater species wreaks havoc on ecosystems worldwide, able to spread aggressively due to its ability to migrate across land for days at a time.

5. Burmese Python – These popular Florida pets are less popular in the local ecosystems where they now reside, disrupting the delicate ecosystem in the Everglades.

6. Whitefly – These tiny little buggers might not bite humans, but they are devastating to plant life. They thrive everywhere on Earth, carrying dozens of plant viruses at once that affect hundreds of plant species, serving a serious blow to farms and produce.

7. Roaches – When you see one cockroach, you know he’s got plenty of friends nearby. No matter how many you squish, these suckers just never seem to die!

8. Zebra Mussels- Having no natural predator, zebra mussels are free to fully take over bodies of freshwater all but uninhibited, including the Great Lakes.

9. Termites – With their insatiable hunger, termites are not the kind of houseguest you ever want to find yourself entertaining.

10. Bed Bugs – They bit you when you’re sleeping, they hide when you’re awake – bed bugs have certainly earned their spot on this list!

If you are dealing with more than one variety of pests from this list, you certainly have your hands full. Unfortunately, there isn’t a sure fix for many of these infamously troublesome species. But if you’ve got bed bugs, there is an easy fix: call Bed Bug Solutions!

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