Termites Infest Wildlife Camera Trap | California Termite Control

Professional wildlife photographer Jeff Cremer was sure in for a surprise when he went to check on his DSLR camera trap in the Amazon Jungle. Expecting to cash in on some great nature shots of rare jungle animals, instead Cremer found a termite infestation in his camera!

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Cremers camera trap was complete with all the custom bells and whistles; a Canon 7d, a infrared TrailMaster trigger, and two Nikon SB-28 flash units. Unfortunately the Amazon termites decided to nest in Cremer’s fancy rig by the time he returned to check on it, one month from the time he set it up.

During Cremer’s absence the termites had not only nested in the camera but destroyed it in the process. Cremer also stated, in reference to the termites, that “They even started eating the memory card that was inside the camera,”. When it comes to food I guess termites just want to eat no matter what it is!

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