Tenting For Termite Treatment At Capri Church | Inland Empire Pest Control

Capri Christian Church, the only church on the island, has been covered in a huge striped tent in order to undergo treatment for drywood termites. The church has been plagued with the pests for several years, and all previous efforts failed to keep them from continuing to feast on the beams in the sanctuary, the pastor’s study, the kitchen, and anywhere else where there was tasty dry wood.


Having exhausted all other options the church is undergoing the major task of being tented and treated. But first numerous volunteers were required to pack up and remove the contents of the church sanctuary, offices, social hall, classrooms and kitchen. The church was then covered with the colorful tent with signs posted keep out. Once the treatment is complete and the termite colonies are destroyed the volunteers will then replace and unpack everything that was removed for the treatment. All of this is no easy task.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services described the early signs of drywood termite infestation as piles of what looks like sawdust, and that after being removed continues to be observed. An advanced sign is a wooden surface that appears as if it is blistered, and damaged wood may sound hollow when tapped with the handle of a screwdriver. Wings from a swarm may also be present. However, the wings may be from winged ants rather than winged termites and can be distinguished by their waists. The termites are thick-waisted while the ants have an hourglass waistline. Swarming (mating flights) usually takes place at night during the spring and summer months for drywood termites.

Coastal and southern parts of the state are the regions most likely to experience infestations, and there are no real substantial ways to prevent these unwanted visitors from becoming destructive houseguests. The best way to avoid damage from drywood termites is to be attentive and vigilant in watching for early signs of infestation, and calling in a professional for treatment as soon as evidence is detected.  If located in California contact the termite and pest control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!

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