Roach Control in LA

Cockroaches have walked the earth for millions of years, and they’ve been unwanted pests in human homes since the dawn of civilization. Cockroaches often lay their eggs in stacks of paper, old books or cardboard, which makes it easy to inadvertently allow them into your home. They’re also capable of spreading quickly from one house or apartment to another, so if your neighbors have roaches, you may get them next.

These bugs can eat nearly anything, including glue and paper, and they become resistant to poisons quickly. Roaches can live for long periods without eating or drinking, and science has even shown that they can survive without heads for up to two weeks. Depending on their species, cockroaches can grow to lengths of an inch or more, and some can even fly or glide for short distances.

Not only do these pests look gross, they can threaten the health and safety of your home. Because they are indiscriminate eaters, cockroaches can track bacteria throughout your house and food supply. Their droppings are also known to cause allergies and respiratory distress, especially in children and people who suffer from asthma.

It’s important to stamp out a cockroach population before it spreads. Because of their short reproductive cycles, a small population of roaches can quickly explode into a large-scale infestation if left unchecked. Roaches can be tough to kill, but a professional service like Innovative knows how to target an infestation at its source.

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