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Dean Armstrong was feeding his pet Sue when it attacked him. Usually a pet attack is not a life or death situation however Armstrong’s pet was a deadly scorpion!

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The next thing that Armstrong remembered was waking up in the hospital. Unfortunately 5the scorpion sting cost Armstrong part of his stomach and pancreas which were removed during his life saving operation.

Now Armstrong is living with a colostomy bag and a very large scar, however Armstrong is trying to see the funny side of things.

Armstrong stated that “When I was stung I felt fear for the first time. I thought I was going to die. I was stung on my thumb, the sting was a pin prick and didn’t even draw blood but it left me with a 20 inch scar”.

Despite the surviving the scorpion incident Armstrong still claims to like scorpions stating “Still I love scorpions, and don’t bear a grudge to them.”

After first being stung Armstrong fainted and was only rushed to the hospital after his cleaner found his limp body and called the ambulance.

Once at the hospital the doctors performed a blood transfusion to get rid of the scorpion poison in Armstrong’s body.

Armstrong is lucky to be alive and has a great attitude towards the whole situation that most who survive a scorpion attack would not.

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