Home Bed Bug Management, Step by Step

Dealing with bed bugs is a notoriously unpleasant task for homeowners—and not only because of the bites! Bed bug infestations tend to occur with little advance notice, are much harder for humans to detect than mouse, cockroach, or rat infestations, and often are only discovered after serious damage has been done. All three phases of bed bug treatment are difficult for the untrained homeowner: detection, extermination, and prevention.

The surefire way to keep your home free of these pesky insects is to call the trusted professional exterminators at Bed Bug Solutions. Our all-star teams of professionals, canine scent detectors, and battle-tested treatment solutions will get the bed bugs out of your home, and keep them out! But if you do want to give do-it-yourself bed bug care a shot, here are some useful pointers.

When starting bed bug care, detection will be a priority. Start by examining your bed closely—this is most effective if you are able to take it apart. You will want to keep an eye out for the bugs—they are no more than a few millimeters long, so look closely. Watch for small brown stains—these could be stains from bed bug feces. Look in cracks, crevices, and any other tight spaces to be thorough! Search any items kept near or under your bed for bugs as well—they often pass the time a safe distance from the most obvious location. When you have checked your bed, search all of your chairs and sofas closely, as these are also frequent places for bed bugs to lurk.

If you have detected a bed bug presence in your home, you must act quickly to remove them. Extermination is tricky, but steam and rubbing alcohol are tried and true killers of these small pests—if you know where they are, these treatment methods will get the job done. However, the simplest way to cover your bases is to vacuum your house and furniture—pay attention to seams and crannies! Vacuuming can pick off a good deal of bugs and eggs in one go, so this is an efficient and easy step to take.

When you have finished detecting your home and dealt with any existing infestation, you must take preventative steps against future bed bug arrivals. Bed bugs can hitchhike into an unsuspecting person’s home on clothing or luggage, so constant vigilance is necessary. Elevate your luggage off the floor when traveling, check online bed bug registries whenever booking a hotel room, and always closely inspect any secondhand furniture you bring into your home.

Keeping your home clean, safe, and free of infestations doesn’t have to be so difficult. For Southern California residents who want to handle bed bug treatment the easiest and best way, Bed Bug Solutions is here and ready to get to work!

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