Hawaii In State Of Emergency Over Zika Virus | San Diego Pest Control

Hawaii Governor David Ige has recently declared a state of emergency regarding Zika virus and dengue fever. Both viruses are mosquito borne.


The state is in the middle of a dengue outbreak on Hawaii’s Big Island where there have been more than 250 confirmed cases.

Despite having no locally transmitted cases of Zika virus in Hawaii, Ige claims that the concern of risk comes from the fact that mosquitoes that can carry dengue fever can also carry the Zika virus.

Ige and the state are hoping that the emergency proclamation could help the state acquire more money to control the outbreaks.

Hawaii is now rushing to build up its mosquito control staff. “We are actively hiring new staff, an entomologist that will be dedicated to Hawaii Island that will be starting next week as well as additional communications and vector control staff,” said Virginia Pressler of the Health department.

Officials also stressed that Hawaii is still a perfectly safe place to visit. The state is taking preventative measures such as spraying of pesticides all across the state.

Regarding the matter Pressler had the following to state; “There are some who are holding out and not allowing us to be on their property, one of the things that this emergency declaration from the governor will allow us to do is that we can in fact enforce that we will come and take care of mosquitoes on a property that someone is refusing, because it is a public health emergency.”

The Zika virus is nothing to be taken lightly that is for sure. If you are concerned about the mosquito population on your property make sure to contact a pest control professional. If located in California contact the experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!

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