Fighting a Discreet War Against Bed Bugs

Bed bugs don’t discriminate. But even though they don’t discriminate – they’re known to seize just about every opportunity to cozy up to a host no matter who it is – why are infestations still such an embarrassing problem? Bed bugs, as common as they are these days, still carry a stigma. Like so many other pests, when we face bed bugs in our own home, we’re so concerned about keeping things hush-hush that it can be easy to forget that we’re not alone in the battle.

Things aren’t so different with other pests, like head lice. When those dreaded critters find their way into local schools, they don’t waste any time migrating from one head to another. Each scalp is a worthy place to start a home and family for a louse, and often entire classrooms full of children will be itching and scratching in no time. So if no student is immune to the risk of head lice – yet another equal opportunity parasite – then why are we so ashamed of this problem?

Thought it might not be an accurate assumption, the presence of pests has long been associated with places of filth and squalor. As with lice, a common misconception is that only “dirty” heads are capable of housing these minute buggers, when in fact the exact contrary is true. Lice prefer clean scalps since it makes it much easier for them to live and reproduce in unhindered. Still, anyone who’s had to battle lice or any other pest has also struggled to keep that battle quiet.

Similar misconceptions exist with regard to bed bugs; infestations are not only a nuisance, they also come with the fear of judgment, which can be quite stressful. But why are we so embarrassed? Even the elite aren’t immune to bed bug afflictions; a recent article in the New York Magazine tells the (anonymous) tale of the infestation of a high class apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

It’s difficult to educate the masses against deeply ingrained public opinion, and since no one wants their home or business to be regarded as “dirty” after a bed bug sighting, (even if the latter doesn’t necessarily indicate the former), the key is to be discreet.

A tainted reputation (even one that is misconceived) can linger long after bed bugs have been eradicated, and that is why handling an infestation with the careful discretion is of the utmost importance. While we may be aware of the unbiased nature of bed bug infestations, we at Bed Bug Solutions are also aware of the necessity to exercise discretion when combatting these pests on behalf of our clients.

We employ a fleet of unmarked exterminator vehicles so you won’t have to worry about the whole neighborhood knowing about your unwanted houseguests. If you’ve got bed bugs, don’t sweat your rep – you can count on Bed Bed Solutions to fully eradicate the pests without blowing your cover.