Body Art By Bed Bugs

If you recall our recent post about April Fool’s Day hoax involving kids smoking bed bugs to get high, then you might still be on your guard when you hear outrageous claims these days. It could be too soon to tell, but this next one might just be crazy enough to be true.

There are probably a lot of things that come to mind when you think of bed bugs, but avant-garde body art applications isn’t likely one of those things. According to the Huffington Post’s Weird News section, bed bugs are the hot new method of adorning your body with temporary tattoo art.

All you need is a jar full of bed bugs, an outline of your desired tattoo, and a unique desire to inflict itchiness upon yourself willingly.

Resident expert Carin Bodnar was kind enough to explain why this method works on the latest episode of “Outrageous Acts of Science,” which airs Sundays on the Science Channel.

“There’s two tubes here, and through one of these tubes they’re sending in their saliva, and the saliva has both an anticoagulant — a chemical that actually keeps the blood from clotting up — and also an anesthetic, so this is really good because whoever they’re biting…can’t feel it,” she explains.

This technique for inscribing temporary body art takes patience – it takes a couple of hours for the design to become visible after being bitten, and the tattoo will last for upwards of two weeks hence.

The original bed bug tattoo was bunny rabbit shaped – if you were considering harnessing the power of your bed bug infestation in order to give yourself a sweet temporary tattoo, what itchy etching would you want to wear on your body for two weeks?

If you would rather be rid of these hungry pests than invite them to gnaw on you, call Bed Bug Solutions instead!

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