Bed Bugs in the Lap of Luxury

Can a bed bug tell the difference between higher thread counts and discount sheets? No. Do bed bugs enjoy the finer things in life? Probably not. Is there a chance you’ll find bed bugs even in a high end resort? Absolutely!

Here are just a few luxury destinations you might not have suspected hungry bed bugs would be hiding out.

Cruise ships. People come from all over to sail together on a cruise ship and voyage to all kinds of relaxing and picturesque locations. The perfect vacation – for you and for bed bugs. The close quarters, high density of human hosts, and close proximity of suitcases and bedding make for the ideal conditions for bed bugs /who are willing to travel for exotic cuisine.

Ivy League Colleges. Even the intellectually elite can’t outsmart bed bugs. Princeton University recently reported that they were battling bed bugs in select student housing on campus. The dormitories at the top universities in the country make the perfect home for these pests, and the best and brightest make an equally tasty meal.

Four-star hotels. Even the fanciest hotels and resorts can be vulnerable to bed bug infestations. In tight living spaces that see a high turnover rate of human guests (ie. hotels), bed bugs can easily stow away in the luggage of unsuspecting guests and follow them home for an extended stay.

Bed bugs do not discriminate; they won’t be taking your social class or annual income into consideration when they make themselves at home in a bed near you. The only things these pests care about are cozy quarters and warm blooded host to snack on.

Though it can be quite embarrassing, the presence of bed bugs does not mean your are living in filth and squalor. That is why Bed Bug Solutions offers discrete eradication services, starting with our unmarked exterminator vans. Our work is fast and effective, and you won’t need to worry about advertising to your neighbors that your home or business is battling bed bugs.

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