Bed Bugs Go to College

It’s not the likeliest place one might think to inspect for bed bugs – until, of course, news of an infestation arises somewhere on campus. And then dorm after dorm will no doubt be thoroughly checked.

Maybe that’s because the idea of going off to college is one that’s accompanied by thoughts that are as far away from bug problems as anything could be. The same sort of thoughts that accompany people on vacation or those planning a move from one home to another. Positive-minded changes can tend to overpower any concerns about seemingly minor annoyances. Like insects that belong in places other than where we choose to place ourselves.

As should be clear by now, bed bugs simply don’t discriminate. If anything, they’re the classic creatures of opportunity, glomming on to luggage and clothing when it’s most convenient for them to secure some living space of their own. Which can be in your overcoat, the folds of dirty laundry being lugged across country by campers staying in downscale accommodation or in the items your son or daughter brings home for you to launder over certain college breaks. Yes, whether your child attends an elite private school or a small, local institution.

In fact, according to a recent survey from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), 47% of pest control pros said that they had dealt with bed bug infestations in college and university living spaces. The NPMA provided the following advice for keeping bed bugs out of your child’s school:

Thoroughly inspect any and all luggage before leaving from home or returning to school. This is especially important if you’ve done any traveling over the summer months. Make sure that any clothing that has previously traveled in your luggage has been cleaned in a hot water wash.

Don’t be in such a rush to get those sheets on your dorm bunk that you neglect to inspect the mattress first, especially at seams and corners, for any brownish spots or stains that could indicate the presence of bed bugs. Ditto for the rest of the room, especially behind any furniture or artwork.

While secondhand furniture can be a low-cost method for furnishing your room or apartment, it’s wise to inspect any used furniture items before placing them in your living space.
Should you have any doubt as to whether your college living space or its furnishings might harbor bed bugs, give us a call so that we can address any problems as quickly as possible.

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