Bed Bugs as a Pe(s)t?

Bed bugs have gotten some unusual press the past month. First, they were used in a widely publicized instance as a bizarre way to make tattoos. Now, bed bugs could become the latest trend in pet ownership! Bed Bug Solutions prefers to get bed bugs out of your home, not into it, but this idea is too weird to ignore.

Bangor Daily News columnist Sarah Smiley recounted a curious encounter with Maine state representative and entomologist Jim Dill. While viewing Dill’s extensive insect collection—which included such typical specimens as walking sticks, butterflies, and cockroaches—Smiley was struck by a collection of bed bugs, which Dill had kept as pets! The Tupperware container marked, “DO NOT OPEN—BED BUGS” was opened, and Smiley saw exactly what the label promised.

However, the bed bugs in the collection had all long been dead. Evidently, Dill had let them feed on his arm for some time in his younger days, somehow never acquiring bite marks for his troubles. The entomologist’s fascination with bugs knew no bounds, not even with household pests. However, Dill had to leave town at times, and was unable to find any “petsitters,” if you will, for his bedbugs. Understandably so, as any caretakers would have to allow the bedbugs to feed on their own blood!

If Smiley’s well-told anecdote of pet bed bugs seems strange to you, you’re not alone. If you would view the bed bug as a pest rather than a pet, and would rather keep bed bugs out of your home than invite them in—that’s perfectly normal! And Bed Bug Solutions is here to help.

Bed bugs are known to infest any kind of dwelling they can get access to—rich, poor, private, public, you name it. Since they can dwell in anything from beds to coffee makers, it can be hard to detect them before it is too late. Of course, their bites are no fun. So what to do?

Bed Bug Solutions offers detection and extermination methods ranging from canine scent detection to heat and chemical treatment and fully customized plans to get bed bugs out of your home! Bed Bug Solutions services Los Angeles County, San Bernadino County, Orange County, and San Diego—Southern California’s largest metropolitan centers are covered!

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