Bed Bugs Allegedly Cause a Rift at Texas Women’s Shelter

Bed bugs are nothing if not a nuisance, unwelcome in any home or business. An infestation can be a bit of a headache as well as touch embarrassing, but could bed bugs really be a cause for eviction? According to one woman, speaking out about the presence of bed bugs is exactly what got her thrown out of a Texas women’s shelter.

Local news sources report that a San Antonio mother of three was kicked to the curb after raising a complaint about the presence of bed bugs in a local shelter. She sought refuge in the women’s shelter after leaving an abusive husband behind, hoping to make a new start. Instead, her bed bug concerns were allegedly met with resistance after her children suffered from painful bites from head to toe.

“It hurts standing right now. It’s all the way down to my feet,” the mother said, her young daughter adding, “I can’t put my shoe on all the way because there is one on my toe and it hurts really bad.”

The details as to why the family was asked to leave the shelter have yet to be sorted. But from the sounds of it, either this woman’s family has a serious allergy to bed bug venom, or they were bitten by something else altogether. If these events had unfolded in the neighborhood of Vista, CA, we would recommend bringing in the dogs to determine if the biting perpetrators are in fact bed bugs.

If the culprits turn out to be the sneaky little cimicids, then the problem can be solved discreetly with the help of a professional. If some other hungry insects besides bed bugs are biting people in their sleep at this shelter, then the investigation will have to delve deeper. Either way, with bite symptoms like those, this mom and her kids should seek medical attention right away.

There are two sides to every story, and it sounds like there is still much to be learned about the saga of the bed bugs in the shelter. One thing is for sure: when dealing with bed bugs, they are the only ones who deserve to be evicted.