Bed Bug Frequently Asked Questions

As bed bug infestation rates continue to rise in the United States, more Americans are (rightly) becoming concerned about the possibility of having the pests under their beds. As the summer months, bed bugs’ most active span of the year, have arrived, now is a better time than ever to be vigilant about bed bug control! So, to those who may be curious, here are answers to some frequently asked bed bug questions:

-What exactly can bed bugs do to me?

Though bed bugs are unlikely to kill you or transmit diseases, they can cause painful rashes and swelling, as well as lack of sleep and profound psychological discomfort. The bugs may cause allergic reactions in some humans, commonly cause skin rashes, and are very difficult to get rid of without professional help. Infestations tend to grow in intensity over time, so it is important to act promptly if you have one!

-What are some defining physical attributes of bed bugs?

Recently fed bed bugs look like drops of blood with legs to human eyes—this is the bed bug at its most distinct-looking! Otherwise, the number of legs on a bed bug can be a giveaway. Adult bed bugs are usually about a quarter of an inch long, likely to be found in crevices in bedding or other warm, crinkly cloth objects, and have six les. A bed bug’s antennae are about half as long as its body—wings considerably longer than this indicate a different kind of bug.

-What does a bed bug bite look like?

Bed bug bites can vary in appearance depending on the victim. Bed bug bites often look and feel like bites from fleas or mosquitos. Some humans may not react to bed bug bites physically at all. Furthermore, the bite marks may not appear at the time of the bed bug’s feeding—they may not occur until up to two weeks afterward! But they do tend to be red, swollen, and often in lines of three bites. It is worth noting that not only humans, but mice and rats well, so infestations from these pests may exacerbate a bed bug problem.

-Is it a sign of poor hygiene if I have bed bugs?

Not at all. Bed bugs do not discriminate in choosing homes and hosts based on cleanliness or wealth; they simply will infest any home they can get into! Bed bugs are most common in areas shared by the public, like hotels and motels, but will jump to private homes from these places. It isn’t a sign of bad habits if you have bed bugs, but call a professional like Bed Bug Solutions if you find them!

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