Pocket Gophers

Pocket gophers are ground dwelling rodents, commonly found around California. They are brownish grey in color and store food in their cheek pockets. These animals build tunnel systems that can destroy yards and gardens.

Gophers burrow underground and build elaborate tunnel systems. Their presence is usually discovered when mounds appear in the soil around gardens and lawns. They feed on fruits, vegetables, plants, roots and grubs. Gophers use their cheek pockets to transport large amounts of food back to their burrow.

Gophers are generally solitary creatures that defend their burrow systems aggressively. During breeding season, however, males and females may share the nests if their tunnel systems neighbor each other.

Gophers damage lawns, forests, farms and gardens. A gopher’s tunnel system can destroy sprinkler systems, utility cables and structural foundations in a matter of weeks.

The best method to treat gophers is a combination of exclusion work and removal. We recommend beginning a preventative pest maintenance program to prevent gophers from returning. We offer bi-monthly, quarterly and one-time services. For more information about gopher removal, please call us today.