Ground Squirrels

The ground squirrel is the most common type of squirrel found in southern California. It is has light brown, grayish fur and is roughly 18 inches long, head to tail.

Ground squirrels feed on trees, shrubs and vegetation. In heavily populated areas, ground squirrels have been known to steal food left outside by humans. In southern California, ground squirrels don’t hibernate for winter and are generally active all year long, though some may stay dormant for a small period of time.

Ground squirrels burrow in holes they scoop out themselves. In some cases, ground squirrels share the tunnel system with each other, but each squirrel will have its own entrance. Squirrels will also use existing holes to create their homes.

Ground squirrels will feed on ornamental plants, fruits and vegetables and so they are often considered garden pests. Squirrels can also spread disease and parasites. In some cases, squirrels can find their way to attic space and destroy insulation while they build their nests.

The best method to remove a squirrel population is to use exclusion. All holes in the yard or attic will need to be sealed. We recommend beginning a preventative maintenance program to keep them from returning. We use humane methods of trapping and removal. We also offer cleanup and restoration services if squirrels have damaged your property. For more information about our ground squirrel removal services, call us today.